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Aktuelle Nachrichten und Reportagen rund um die Themen „Globale Entwicklung“, „Weltgesundheit“ und „Gesundheitsrisiken“ in einer kompakten Übersicht der Internationalen Allianz Nichtübertragbarer Krankheiten (NCD Alliance)

Global Development News

The World Bank: Postcards from Quito on the New Urban Agenda

More than two months have passed since the whirlwind that was Habitat III, the UN’s once-every-20-year summit on cities and urban development. From big data to climate change, public spaces to municipal finance, the conference truly seemed to have something for everyone.

The Conversation: The unintended consequences of UNESCO world heritage listing

The principle of world heritage promoted by UNESCO is of crucial importance at a time when tourism has become a global phenomenon, involving more than a billion people and generating an annual revenue of nearly US$1245 billion in 2014.

The Lancet: Suicide among health-care workers: time to act

The rate of depressive disorders among health-care workers compared with the general population is alarming and is an issue that spans the medical profession.

The Conversation: Even as more new species are found, Southeast Asia is in the grip of a biodiversity crisis

Rich in wildlife, Southeast Asia includes at least six of the world’s 25 “biodiversity hotspots” – the areas of the world that contain an exceptional concentration of species, and are exceptionally endangered. 

BBC: NHS conditions worst ever, say leading nurses

Nurses say conditions in the NHS are the worst they have experienced; the Royal College of Nursing has said.


Global Health News

Quartz: A doctor’s poem is going viral in China and raising awareness that smog (surprise!) is a cause of cancer

As toxic clouds of smog continue to cover much of China, more and more Chinese are turning to vent their anger online at the airpocalypse—even turning to poetry.

The Independent: Coca-Cola's Christmas lorry tour should be banned for 'false gifts of bad teeth and weight problems', say health experts

About a third of 10 to 11-year-old in England's north-west are overweight or obese and a similar proportion of five-year-olds have tooth decay.

BMJ: High dietary red meat intake linked to common bowel condition diverticulitis

Replacing one daily portion with poultry or fish may lower risk, findings suggest.

BDA: BDA supports new Public Health England Be Food Smart campaign

Public Health England has launched a new campaign Be Food Smart which also includes a free smartphone application that works by scanning the barcode of products, revealing the total sugar, saturated fat and salt inside and providing hints and tips for adults and fun activities for kids.

The Guardian: Will 2017 be the year we get serious about sustainable food?

The next few years could be pivotal for sustainable food in the realms of organic farming, sustainable fishing and plant based meat alternatives.

The National Cancer Institute: The Economics of Tobacco and Tobacco Control

The research summarized in this monograph confirms that evidence-based tobacco control interventions make sense from an economic as well as a public health standpoint.


NCDs News

The Lancet: Obesity and diabetes in 2017: a new year

The report supports the re-launch of the One You: New Year, New You campaign, and focused on the behaviour and health of adults in the UK aged from 40 to 60 years.

The BMJ: “Screen and treat” approach to prevent type 2 diabetes unlikely to have major impact

“Screen and treat” policies to preventing type 2 diabetes are unlikely to have substantial impact on this growing epidemic, concludes a study published by The BMJ.

The BBC: Theresa May promises mental health care overhaul

Theresa May has pledged to help schools and companies in England deal with the "hidden injustice" of mental illness.

The Guardian: Africa has higher risk of non-communicable diseases, research finds

With predictions that millions of people in Africa will die from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) by 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO), African region, is calling on countries to carry out surveys to identify the main causes of this rising trend.


Risk Factors News

The Telegraphs: Problem drinking raises risk of heart attack and heart failure, study shows

Heavy drinking not only damages the liver and can lead to cancer but it also increases the risk of a heart attack.

BBC: Kids devouring too much 'breakfast sugar' warning

Children are consuming half their daily sugar allowance before they start school, with cereals, fruit juice and some spreads to blame.

Childhood obesity rates must be brought down to save the NHS

Latest data shows that more than one in five children start primary school overweight or obese, rising to more than a third by the time they start secondary school. 

Mail One:
Cut out the cake culture at work, say top dentists

Eating biscuits and cakes in the office is contributing to the nation's obesity epidemic and poor oral health, the Faculty of Dental Surgery (FDS) said.

The Lancet:
Living near major roads and the incidence of dementia, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis: a population-based cohort study

The study aimed to investigate the association between residential proximity to major roadways and the incidence of these three neurological diseases in Ontario, Canada.
BBC: Dentists call to end 'workplace cake culture'

Dentists have criticised "workplace cake culture", saying the sharing of sweet treats in the office is contributing to health problems.

The Lancet Global Health blog: Treating undernutrition in Borno State, Nigeria: adapting strategy in emergencies

Crises with alarming levels of malnutrition-related child mortality are complicated contexts, given that the world’s most critically malnourished also often face conflict, displacement, and even famine.