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NCD Alliance Digest

Pressespiegel: "Opinion: Why dementia should be treated like all other NCDs" (Devex)

Dementia is one of many conditions within a very large group of noncommunicable diseases that, until recently, has not been given the focus it deserves within this cohort.

Global Development News

 The Economist: Culture is not an excuse for oppressing women
There are principled and practical reasons for improving women’s rights, says Margot Wallström, Sweden’s foreign minister.

 Opinio Juris: Towards an International Convention on Business and Human Rights
The first draft of one of the most important international human rights treaties of recent years, and instrument addressing on business and human rights has just been released in Geneva by Ecuador’s Ambassador acting as Chair of the process.  

 The Guardian: Domino-effect of climate events could move Earth into a ‘hothouse’ state
Leading scientists warn that passing such a point would make efforts to reduce emissions increasingly futile.

 The Economist: Both in rich and poor countries, universal health care brings huge benefits
The argument for universal health care is clear. But getting there is difficult, says John McDermott.

 PLOS: Climate change and health: Moving from theory to practice
Research on the health risks from climate change has grown substantially, with findings suggesting that the global health gains achieved over the past half century are being undermined by climate change.

 VOGUE: Fashion identified as one of five key industries implicated in modern slavery
A new report highlights the problem, but what can we do about it?

 UNDP: The fourth sector: Can business unusual deliver on the SDGs?
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are impossible to achieve unless we figure out how to resolve an inherent contradiction between two realities.


 Global Health News

 Devex: Opinion: Reaching universal health coverage means tackling malnutrition
There is no better way to do that than to ensure that everyone, everywhere, preserves their health and has access to safe and nutritious food: Let food be thy medicine.

 The Hill: We will not go back on women’s health and rights
In our collective years in Congress, we have witnessed – and fought against – repeated efforts to restrict women’s access to health care in the U.S. and around the world.

 The Conversation: Using My Health Record data for research could save lives, but we must ensure it’s ethical
There has been considerable debate about the merits and risks of the My Health Record (MHR) scheme – ranging from the deep inefficiencies in the current system, to privacy issues and control of data.

 Devex: Q&A: Unitaid looks to break down silos for better global health
The global health community is increasingly moving away from a siloed approach — favored in the height of the battle against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria — toward a more integrated methodology in the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals.

 BMC: Civil society in global health policymaking: a critical review
A social science approach to the study of civil society’s role and influence in global health policymaking is a new area of scholarly research.


NCDs News

 NCD Alliance: NCDs and human rights: from international treaties to real life stories
Inalienable, indivisible and interdependent: human rights are now a part of the landscape in the fight against NCDs. We ALL have the right to health, and to affordable facilities for treatment and health rehabilitation. And our States are ALL responsible for these and other basic rights.

 Devex: Opinion: Why dementia should be treated like all other NCDs
Dementia is one of many conditions within a very large group of noncommunicable diseases that, until recently, has not been given the focus it deserves within this cohort.

 Drink Tank: The how: a message for the UN high-level meeting on NCDs
Civil society organisations and public health experts from around the world have become increasingly agitated by the indifference of too many OECD countries on NCD prevention.

 The Guardian: Judge calls for Mental Health Act reform over rising detentions
The Mental Health Act needs to be updated because too many people are being detained in hospital and doctors are becoming increasingly risk-averse, the president of the supreme court has said.

 Convene: Here’s Why Mental Health at Work is Everyone’s Business
The stigma of mental health still exists but it’s fading, and it’s ultimately up to management and HR teams to lead the way in making real change.

 NCD Alliance: Hiding in plain sight - the dark NCD legacy of asbestos
Lung cancer is one of the world’s most common cancers, with a devastatingly poor prognosis – only one in five people live longer than five years after diagnosis.

 The Conversation: Stroke, cancer and other chronic diseases more likely for those with poor mental health
A new report out today from the Australian Health Policy Collaboration has found these four million Australians are at much greater risk of chronic physical disease and much greater risk of early death.

 Women Deliver: Addressing Noncommunicable Diseases to Deliver for Good
In less than three months, governments of the world will come to New York for the UN General Assembly High-Level Week and for a landmark event– the UN High-Level Meeting on Noncommunicable Diseases (UN HLM on NCDs).


Risk Factors News

 Pursuit: Would graphic warnings on unhealthy food make you think again?
A new study shows that health warnings on packaged foods can help us make healthier choices – but it’s negative messaging that really drives the point home.

 University of York: The impact of the sugar tax in Chile: a bittersweet success?
A new sugar tax introduced on soft drinks in Chile has been effective in reducing consumption of sugary drinks, new research carried out in the country has revealed.

 The Guardian: Revealed: $39m cost of defending Australia's tobacco plain packaging laws
Exclusive: Two years after an FOI claim was lodged, the price of the six-year fight with Philip Morris has been revealed.

 The New York Times: California, of All Places, Has Banned Soda Taxes. How a New Industry Strategy Is Succeeding.
The bill to pre-empt taxes is part of a wider industry effort to skip cities and go straight to the states.

 The Guardian: Scottish government plans restrictions on sugary and fatty foods
Ministers to tackle obesity by targeting sale, advertising and promotion of unhealthy foods.

 The Independent: Air pollution: Even 'safe' levels may cause serious changes linked to heart failure, study warns
“There is no safe limit for air pollution for me, or for anyone who is concerned about their heart health – we all need the Government to do more," warns Mya Steer, 19, who has a heart condition.